Financial Giving


Financial Giving at GBC

Once people make a decision that Guiseley Baptist Church is where God is calling them to be, the Treasurer often gets asked ‘how can I financially give to support all that happens at GBC’? 

Whilst we believe there is a clear biblical mandate for the giving of tithes and offerings to support the work of the church, we recognise that every person’s personal circumstances are different and we don’t want to put anybody under pressure to give a certain amount. We believe that God looks at the heart and not the amount! Gifts given are never attributed to individuals and only the church treasurer, church book keeper, you and God know what you give. But we thought it would be helpful to put this information together to answer the question ‘how can I give?’ 

Money given to the church goes to support a variety of needs including ministerial salaries and costs, premises and upkeep, children and youth work as well as supporting mission organisations for Christian mission work both in this country and abroad. Accounts are kept and presented at our members’ meetings, giving a full breakdown of income and expenditure.

You can give to the work of GBC in a number of ways:

1. Through the offering taken up during the service, using cash or cheque;

2. Putting cash or a cheque into the small yellow envelopes avaialable in the foyer.

3. Through your bank account, using the standing order mandate enclosed. This is the most convenient and efficient way to give to the church and it assists the church with budgeting if we know the amount of money coming in each month. Please rest assured - you can cancel the standing order mandate or decrease the amount you give should your personal circumstances change. You can of course also increase the amount you are giving should you wish.

If you are a tax payer and intend to use either option 2 or 3 to give, we would really encourage you to Gift Aid your money so that GBC can claim back the tax on money you give. It means that for every £1 you give, the church receives an extra 25p currently, which effectively increases your giving to £1.25 without you having to do anything or costing you a penny extra! 

A form to Gift Aid your giving is available from the church office or the foyer

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