Sunday services at GBC


Sunday in-person gathered worship - together again!

From 10:30am Sunday 1st August 2021 in-person services will restart at Guiseley Baptist Church.

A number of restrictions will still be in place to protect the congregation and those leading. These are: 

  • If you have any COVID symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate we would like to know so we can pray for you but you will not be able to come into the church building.
  • While in the building we encourage everyone to wear a face covering. This is primarily to protect others. There are two exemptions: those leading from the front and anyone with health issues which prohibit them from wearing a face covering.
  • On entry you will still need to provide contact info or check in with the NHS app for ‘test and trace’ purposes.
  • You will be encouraged to sanitise your hands as you move into the worship centre.
  • The toilets are open and materials are provided for you to sanitise the toilet after use.
  • We ask you to leave 2 empty seats between each attendee family group/individual.
  • Good news! We are now allowed to sing so our musicians will be leading us in worship as before.
  • To ensure ventilation all doors will have to remain open, so please dress accordingly if the weather is inclement.
  • The service will be shorter, approx 45-minutes.
  • After the service we ask you to have any conversations outside the building were you will be able to remove your face covering.
  • We recommend arriving earlier as there may be a queue to enter the building

These restrictions will be reviewed by the GBC leadership team on a monthly basis.


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